Broadcast solutions for Digital TV and Digital Radio

COMMTIA is devoted to the design, manufacture, supply and installation of professional broadcasting equipment for Digital TV and Digital Radio, as well as repeaters for GSM/UMTS networks.

COMMTIA has the optimum company structure to be able to feature fast adaptations to its customer’s needs, thus meeting special customer requirements in the fastest way. The continuous improvement philosophy has led the Company to consolidate very efficient processes, which allows providing the shortest time-to-market for tailored solutions.

The commitment with its customers is paramount for COMMTIA, so the Company provides them with the closest, most attentive and decisive support and after sales services.

COMMTIA knows that difficulties can arise during roll-out projects and during first phases of network operation. The way a supplier faces these difficulties can make the difference between an equipment vendor and a trustworthy partner. COMMTIA considers that such difficulties are an opportunity to show its customers they made the right decision by choosing COMMTIA.

A cutting edge experience designed to the challenges of the future

COMMTIA is the Spanish leader in the supply of broadcasting equipment and networks, has international presence in more than 35 countries, and has supplied more than 30.000 transmitters and repeaters with their associated antennas to several broadcast operators worldwide.

In addition, the company has the knowledge, the experience and the engineering resources, for the supply of complete turn-key broadcasting networks.

In order to consolidate and strengthen its position as leading provider of solutions to extend Digital TV and Radio coverage, COMMTIA’s current goals are improving its market share in the new networks to be deployed in Europe (using new standards such as DVB-T2) and consolidating its position as reference vendor of Digital TV broadcast equipment in the Latin-American and Asian markets, for which strong growth is expected in the coming years.

Main products and solution

  • TV Transmitters and Repeaters for Analogue TV and Digital TV
  • Radio Transmitters and Repeaters for Digital Radio
  • Mobile Repeaters
  • Radiating and Receiving Systems
  • Filters, Signal Splitters, Power Splitters and Multiplexers
  • TV and SAT-TV sockets
  • Network planning and coverage studies
  • Turn-key supply of terrestrial Digital Radio and TV networks
COMMTIA supplies to important customers its broadcasting solutions enabling TV and Radio coverage:
  • Arqiva, United Kingdom
  • Norkring, Norway
  • Teracom, Denmark
  • TDF Group, Hungary
  • Digita Oy, Finland
  • Abertis Telecom, Spain
  • INVAP, ARSAT, Argentina
COMMTIA also made it possible that users of the following mobile operators can enjoy a better coverage in their networks:
  • Telefónica, Spain
  • Orange, Spain