PADA (Advanced Platform for Audio-visual Broadcasting)


The aim of this project is the research, design, development and validation of an advanced and innovative platform for the broadcasting of audio-visual content through radio frequency channels, providing:


  • A dramatic reduction of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of this type of solution,
  • Improved versatility, through the implementation of an SDR platform that foresees the future incorporation of new standards and functionalities, extending the useful life of these solutions.

Program: CDTI – Ayudas para proyectos de Innovación y desarrollo empresarial de aplicación a los ámbitos de audiovisual y de los videojuegos

Procedure code: EXP 00153127 / SAV-20221066

File number: SAV-20221066

Acronym: PADA

Name: Advanced Platform for Audio-visual Broadcasting

Budget: 1.801.268,00 €