SMART-SYNCH (Timing and synchronization solutions for critical infrastructures)


The aim of the project is the research, development, implementation and validation of an innovative solution for the timing and synchronization (T&S) of networks in Critical Infrastructures.

The currently available T&S solutions for Critical Infrastructures present a series of technological limitations that mean an increasing threat to the operation of said infrastructures.

For this reason, improving the resilience and availability of this type of network is becoming a matter of the highest priority, and this improvement requires the creation of T&S solutions that allow the combination of different T&S sources.


Program: Proyecto CDTI de I+D

Procedure code: EXP00129749 / IDI-20210464

File number: IDI-20210464


Name: Investigación y desarrollo de una nueva gama de soluciones de temporización y sincronización para infraestructuras críticas

Budget: 1.398.027,00 €