Scientific market

COMMTIA designs and manufactures equipment and systems for large scientific facilities, such as particle accelerators or fusion laboratories.

Activities associated with the scientific market are structured into two complementary areas of activity: active RF systems and equipment and passive RF elements.

In the area of active RF systems and equipment for large scientific facilities, COMMTIA designs, develops and manufactures solid state amplifier systems covering a wide range of frequencies and power levels (up to several tens of Kws).

As far as passive RF equipment, COMMTIA offers a complete portfolio in terms of both waveguide and coaxial transmission lines, covering all needs both at the level of intake power as well as at working frequency level, including all kinds of accessories, such as elbows, interior connectors, adapters, custom-sized couplers, sliding cuts, etc. The whole product line is qualified to work under both normal pressurization and vacuum conditions. Depending on the application, the COMMTIA product line can withstand being liquid cooled, including the supply to the refrigeration units.

In parallel, COMMTIA is a supplier of other passive RF devices such as cavities and power combiners made in various topologies, dedicated to adding signals from different amplifiers, patch panels, coaxial switches, etc.

Finally, in addition to RF devices, the group offers a full range of electronic and electrical junction boxes for the distribution of this signal type, which can be customized to meet any need and support any type of power rating, mechanical or environmental, according to the specific job requirements.

COMMTIA organizational structure is optimal for adapting the final characteristics of products to the specific needs of each project, allowing a rapid and reliable response to the specific requirements of each client.

Continuing an industrial tradition of more than 60 years in the RF field, COMMTIA considers continuous innovation a key element of its success. In this context, investment in the development of new products and solutions has enabled COMMTIA to be a pioneer in very high efficiency RF amplifier solutions.